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St Luke’s normally has plenty of events and programmes running for children and young people of all ages but these are restricted during the coronavirus pandemic.

This page is dedicated especially for teenagers.
We run a weekly discussion group on Sunday afternoons especially for teenagers at 5pm, you can email Sarah Watson if you’d like to join in and she’ll send you the details so you can login.

Up until Christmas 2020 we were producing teen discussion sheets but this is suspended at present but you can still access any of the sheets from 2020 below.


It’s going to be a strange Christmas this year and so we thought it would be a good idea to talk about how you feel about that, especially as Brighton & Hove will be in Tier 4 by the time TDG meets on Sunday.
Here’s the discussion sheet to download

SUNDAY 20th December at 5pm

The story this week is about Mary being told by the Angel Gabriel that she was going to have a baby boy and to call him Jesus.  She was probably only a teenager when this happened – how would you feel if this happened to you?
Discussion sheet here

SUNDAY 13th December – at 5pm this week

We’re continuing to look at the story of John the Baptist this Sunday and so the teen discussion is about people who inspire us.
Get the discussion sheet here

SUNDAY 6th December

Our Sunday service this week is about John the Baptist who lived in the desert, wore clothes made out of camel hair and ate locusts – what would you do if you saw someone like him in your street!
Discussion sheet here

SUNDAY 29th November

This weekend is Advent Sunday when we begin the countdown to Christmas and it is a time to think about the future.  The Bible passage we are focussing on is Mark 13:24-37. Watch a video representation of this passage here
Download the discussion sheet here

SUNDAY 22nd November

The parable of the sheep and the goats is in Matthew 25:31-46 and one of the things Jesus talks about is quite a difficult idea.  Look at the TDG sheet for some more information about the Sunday discussion this week.
TDG sheet for Sunday 22nd November

SUNDAY 15th November

We all have different talents and the teen years are a great time to explore this and work out what we’re best at.  Jesus talked about using our talents to the best of our ability – you can read about that here.

SUNDAY 8th November

Remembrance Sunday can be challenging to think about as it raises all sorts of questions about our attitude to war, the armed forces and to death and bereavement.  The teen discussion on Sunday will look at these issues in a sensitive way and ask what it means to really love each other.
There’s a discussion sheet to download here

SUNDAY 1st November

What does it mean to be blessed?  This word has lots of different meanings these days.  Jesus had a lot to say about being blessed and this will be the discussion topic on Sunday.
Click here to download the TDG sheet

SUNDAY 25th October

Jesus said: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind…. and love your neighbour as yourself”.  The teen discussion this Sunday afternoon will be about how we could do this.  There’s a discussion sheet and link to a video that you can download here.

SUNDAY 18th October

This Sunday is St. Luke’s day and so the main reading in our Sunday service comes from his gospel and is about sending the disciples out to tell people the good news.  Jesus told them to go out without even packing a travel bag – how would you feel having to make do with just the clothes on your back?
Click here for the discussion sheet

SUNDAY 11th October

Jesus told the parable of the wedding feast and how different people responded to the invitation to attend.  How would you respond to an invitation from God – discuss this and anything else you’re interested in with Sarah and the gang at 2.30pm on Sunday afternoon.
Here’s a discussion sheet to get you started

SUNDAY 4th October

This week we’re looking at another parable that Jesus told that sounds a lot like his own life, you can read about it in Matthew 21:33-46.  In the discussion sheet this week there’s a link to a great music video by MercyMe, you can get the sheet here.

SUNDAY 27th September

The story that Jesus tells this week is about two brothers, one doesn’t do what he promised to do and the other does do what he previously refused to do – confusing?  Log in to the Zoom with Sarah on Sunday to chat about promise keeping and the other thoughts outlined in the TDG sheet which you can find here.

SUNDAY 20th September

The Bible reading for this Sunday is a bit puzzling as Jesus seems to be saying that it’s OK to treat workers unfairly – have a read of it here Matthew 20:1-16.  There’s a discussion sheet to help with the Zoom chat which is happening this week at 2.30pm on Sunday – click here.

SUNDAY 13th September

TDG won’t be meeting this Sunday but there’s still lots to think about on the TDG discussion sheet which you can find here

SUNDAY 6th September

This week the teen discussion will think about what Jesus meant when he said ‘where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there also’, especially in lockdown time when we can’t be together in the same room.
You can find the discussion sheet and links to videos here.

SUNDAY 30th August

Our teens are enjoying meeting via Zoom on Sundays and discussing all sorts of topics – this week we’re asking what did Jesus mean when he told us to pick up our cross and follow him?  What does following Jesus mean to you?
Find out more by clicking here

SUNDAY 23rd August

We’re setting our teenagers a challenge this week – how could you explain your understanding of God without using words!!  While you think about that here’s a song to listen to – click here
Here’s the discussion sheet for Sunday’s zoom call

SUNDAY 16th August

The teens have had a bit of a break over the last few weeks but we’re back again this Sunday with a chance to chat and catch up on all our news.
As always there’s a song to watch which you can see here and lots of other ideas for discussion here.

SUNDAY 9th August

We’re having a bit of a holiday from the Sunday afternoon discussions but we’ll be back doing this on 16th August.  In the meantime here is a newsheet with some links to videos for you to watch about coping in these unprecedented times.
 Get the sheet here.

SUNDAY 2nd August

This week we’re thinking about achieving things even when others think we can’t.  There’s a great video by Harry and Chris to watch here and a discussion sheet to download here.

SUNDAY 26th July

The Sunday afternoon teen discussion group will be looking at insecurity and how faith could help with this.  There’s a sheet to download as a starter for the discussion here and the video song to watch is called I Believe by Jeremy Camp.  You can watch it here
SUNDAY 19th July
This week the Sunday afternoon discussion will look at the parable we’re reading during the morning service as well as listening to a song by Pentatonix which you can see here.
Here’s a sheet to help with the discussion

SUNDAY 12th July

This week our teen group will be discussing a song by The Rocket Summer called Morning Light – you can listen to it here.  There’s a discussion sheet to download here.

SUNDAY 5th July

This Sunday the discussion at 2.30pm will focus on what it means to live in a way that God would like
This is the video we’ll be discussing
Here’s a sheet to download with some more information for Sunday

SUNDAY 28th June

This Sunday we’re thinking about trusting God when you’re weary or need help.

Watch this video of Lauren Daigle singing about this and you can download a resource sheet of previous discussions here.